Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is very important for individual or businesses to locate the ideal products or suppliers across the world. There are thousands of suppliers to choose from. Ensure easy and convenient selection of source in terms of the factory pricing, lead times and the quality delivered by these manufacturers. It is necessary to locate the products from those manufacturers who are reputable with genuine experience in the industry along with legitimate certifications from the highest authority. Our team of product sourcing specialists is here to help businesses attain a trading relationship with suppliers. We will search for your quality source while minding your aspects like budgets, deadlines or inventory. Having dealt in this industry for long we know how to locate sources judiciously.


Always remember locating a product and getting the desired price only is not sufficient, it is often advisable to look for those manufacturers who deliver quality with time. Hire our expertise and skill to meet the standards and combat the challenges of cultural differences with us.

6 Ways Bravo group can Help You Source Products

Preparing a List of Prospecting Suppliers

Our team will prepare a list of prospective suppliers delivering the required service. We will ask for the requirements or specifications in terms of quality, time and budget.

Verifying Every User

After our clients have selected the preferable source and are doubtful about them, then we will initiate a strong background and verification check on them.

Huge Database of Experienced Suppliers

Our team has a strong database of providers with whom we have worked over a long period of time. We provide easy access to those professional providers to our clients duly.

Multiple Sources from Multiple Companies

We can locate the customers with multiple manufacturers in a single go.

Association with the Big Companies

Our company deals with big companies whose turnover is quite high. We work on the customer’s needs diligently and provide a suitable method to proceed or trade further.

Custom Manufacturing

We will find the suitable factory to produce goods customised according to your requirements or needs.

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