Customs duty is a type of tariff that is imposed on the movement of the goods outside the international borders. This method was adopted in order to prevent the economy residents and the environment from the outside flow of goods. There is a certain criterion to calculate the tax on the basis of either weight of the goods or on its value; every economy has its own system. The only problem while dealing with these procedures is a lot of paperwork or documentation which leaves no time to focus on other prime activities. Our team has sound and legal experts who can take all the task of handling paperwork. Our insured and legal inspectors will take the charge to make the transfer process smooth.


Hire us to relieve the task of excessive documentation and papers to perform better in other aspects of the business or any other prospect.

6 Ways BravoGroup Can Help You in Custom/Tax/Duty Services

Introspecting the Different Economy

Before delivering or receiving goods we will examine the transfer procedure or rates of the different economy.

Easy Handling of Paperwork

Our team will take care of all the paperwork to be done during the process without leaving the burden on our respected clients.

Guide to the Right Payment Procedure

It is always advisable to be cautious when the act of money is involved. We will guide our prospective partners about the safe and proper payments.

Teaching about the Taxes

We take pride in teaching our customers at every level. We will educate our customers regarding the calculation or identification of taxes.

At door Payments

Our team will collect the payment from the door itself without agitating our clients.

Point To Point Evaluation

Our team will evaluate the progress of every procedure and will inquire about the same to our customers.

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